Frequent asked questions

You can save the track you want to iCloud Drive as an mp3 file, the moment you want to add a track to your project, the app will ask you if you want to import it from iTunes or from iCloud Drive. If you use an iPad you can also drag audio files from another app using split screen mode.
Flow Speed Control was unified into one single app to avoid confusion on the App Store. Of course users that bought the Flow Pro version should have access to the great new features and upcoming updates. If you have purchased your Professional version directly from the App Store, you have two options to use the latest updated version. You can always find Flow Pro in the Purchases tab at the App Store, there you will find the updated version of Flow Pro. If you want to keep the unified version that is available in the App Store, you can just download it as a free version, and make sure you have your previous Flow Pro installed. In that case when you open the unified Flow Speed Control it will automatically recognize you are a Pro user and give permanent access to all the features Flow has to offer. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.
Flow is fully translated by native speakers of more than 32 languages, you can change the language of the app at any time choosing it from the Settings app, inside the Flow Speed Control iOS Settings. Currently you can choose any of these: English Dansk ( Danish ) Deutsch ( German ) Dutch ( Nederlands ) Español ( Spanish ) Français ( French ) Hrvatski ( Croatian ) Italiano ( Italian ) Magyar ( Hungarian ) Norsk ( Norwegian ) Polski ( Polish ) Português ( Portuguese ) Română ( Romanian ) Slovenčina ( Slovak ) Suomi ( Finnish ) Svenska ( Swedish ) Tiếng Việt Nam ( Vietnamese ) Türkçe ( Turkish ) Bahasa Indonesia ( Indonesian ) Bahasa Melayu ( Malay ) Wikang Filipino ( Filipino ) ( Arabic ) العربية 汉语 ( Chinese ) Ελληνικά ( Greek ) ( Hebrew ) עברית हिन्दी ( Hindi ) 조선말 ( Korean ) 日本語 ( Japanese ) Русский ( Russian ) Українська ( Ukrainian ) ภาษาไทย ( Thai )
You can capture and edit stunning videos with your Apple devices. Flow is available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.